Silat Melayu Keris Lok Sembilan (English Version)

  • Tuesday, March 13, 2012
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    Silat Melayu Keris Lok Sembilan Malaysia is one of the martial art of keris found in Silat Melayu. It is an old discipline that trace back to the famous Melaka Sultanate.  After the fall of Melaka in 1511, the Sultanate split three ways and a part moved south to settle in Sarawak, then finally to Pekan in Pahang Darul Makmur.  It has  been this branch of the Sultanate that has kept this closely guarded system throughout the centuries.

    The art is now taught and headed by its founder and one who is responsible to expose this secret to the public, Mahaguru Dr. Azlan Jumat Bin Abdul Ghanie (Azlan Ghanie). He is also the editor and owner of the Malaysia martial arts magazine publication "Majalah Seni Beladiri" which is dedicated to ensure this ancient heritage and other forms of silat never perish from this world.

    Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9 is one of the Silat system remain teaches Keris as basic and advance weapon discipline as a weapon of war and also giving the understanding in both armed and unarmed combat. Keris is a weapon of nobility to Malay race.  In the old days, the Keris in the Malay culture can only be owned by someone who has royalties and close relationship with the palace.

    A part from Silat, The Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9 practice "Senaman Melayu Petua" to their discipline.  "Senaman" means exercise and "petua" means ancient secret.  It is for the fitness and the basic move of Silat. Understand the moves in senaman tua and you can reveal a lot of secret of silat.

    The video clip for Silat Melayu Keris Lok Sembilan by the Mahaguru himself Dr. Azlan Ghanie

    basic move of keris from myself

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